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April 1,2023


April 1,2023

This is April Fools Day. Well todays cards are no joke so don’t be fooled by whatever may be illuminated in the weeks ahead. The High Priestess appears today to let us know that prophecies are being fulfilled. Things will begin to move at a much quicker pace 🏇 and discernment will be required as many things previously hidden will be revealed. What may be revealed will not necessarily be funny. You may find yourself highly emotional as stories that have been shifting below the surface will come up. Your intuition will be heightened so listen to your heart and gut. Find your herd 🐴. You will need others to help you through. With the fast pace it may be difficult to see things clearly,as with speed, things may get a little blurry. Trust your instincts. Trust Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 to guide you. Pay attention to those dreams, day dreams and visions that seem to come forth randomly. Nothing is coincidence. The stories may be difficult to hear at times as you will know deep within that they tell the truth however the truth will set you free. Knowledge and knowing are your power. As we enter this new powerful energy you will need ALL your senses. How do you prepare. Ask Spirit/God/The Creator ✨ for forgiveness and to help you through. Spirit ✨will shine the light for you and dispel the darkness so you can see clearly. Compassion and gentleness will be needed. There is definitely magic in the air. God ✨is on the move and when that happens anything is possible.


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