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April 10,2023


April 10,2023

Think of the Joy 🤩 you feel when you see a Butterfly 🦋. Even if it is for a split second it lifts you up. Keep that in mind when you are having a bad day. Remember that your “bad day” may be just part of the struggles required in order for you to transform 🦋. The struggles the Butterfly 🦋 goes through are necessary in order to strengthen its wings so it can fly. You too may need to strengthen your wings. Nothing is by accident or a flawed design in Spirit’s ✨ world. The Creator ✨has designed everything perfectly, including you 💜✨😊. What struggles you go through are specifically designed for you. They are designed to help you transform so that you can be the best you can be, be your true self and so you too can experience the freedom of flight. Find Joy 🤩 in the process knowing that God ✨ is with you and knows what is possible and who you truly are. Nothing is coincidence. During your struggles find Joy 🤩 knowing that it is part of your journey and see from the higher perspective in order to get the big picture. This is also a part of your healing journey. Find Joy 🤩 in each day even if it is for a fluttering moment. The mantra “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.” carries high vibration so if you are struggling repeat this as much as needed to bring you into a calm and connected ✨state. The energy is in the words not in what order you say them. The mantra will help lift your spirits even if just for a brief moment. See yourself as the Butterfly 🦋 and feel the wonderment that is within. Find that moment of Joy 🤩 in each day and know that Spirit ✨ watches over you.


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