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April 11,2023


April 11,2023

How do you find Joy 🤩? That’s a big question and is different for everyone. The first step is to Let Go of that which no longer brings you Joy 🤩. If it doesn’t make you happy then why are you hanging on to it? This requires that you be honest with yourself. This requires that you take accountability and responsibility for things you have done which, in hindsight, may not have been great however they were the decisions you made at the time with the tools you had. Let Go of the shame, blame and guilt and see what your experiences have taught you. In order to move forward you need to Let Go of the things that are holding you back. You may have to set limits and boundaries. Letting Go doesn’t mean you abandon everything completely although it can mean that. Letting Go means you release the grip so that you are free to flow. Setting boundaries means setting parameters for yourself which means being honest with yourself. The truth sets you free because now you are no longer hiding. Now you can come out of the shadows, you can see and be seen. The Cat 🐈 is a great example of boundary setting. If you know cats 🐈 you know that The Cat 🐈 does not do anything it doesn’t want to and will adjust the parameters to suit its boundaries. The message today is more about boundaries around relationships. If they are no longer healthy than you will need to look at Letting Go or setting limitations so that you can continue to be happy and so that you can be true to yourself as well. Your angels 👼 can help you. Listen to your heart ❤️. You know what you need to do. Let Go of control and allow yourself to hear the guidance ✨ and to feel what is in your heart ❤️. The heart is where the light ✨ within resides, where Spirit ✨ resides and where the truth is. Letting Go can be challenging however trust that with Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 you will land on your feet 🐈. Let Go and let Spirit/God/The Creator ✨ guide you. Trust your instincts 🐈.


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