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April 12,2022


April 12,2022

As is the usual every month I draw a card from the “Keepers of the Light” deck. I had forgotten this month until yesterday 😳 and then today I was strongly guided, pushed actually 😁, to draw the card today. I trust my intuition. The card today is St. Germain 💜✨which is about releasing karma and Burdens. He is here to clear your energy and take the weight of your Burdens, or the world, or of others, off you. You really can’t make this up 🤗🙏✨. It is at this time that all karma is being released, both good and evil. In order to move forward the old must go to make way for the new. God has a way of dealing with this. The violet flame of St. Germain💜✨ is powerful. Let this powerful violet light 💜✨ cleanse your soul of that which no longer serves you. Release it to Spirit and allow your soul to soar and shine in the light. You will bring forward what you need and release that which you don’t. How do you do that? Simply ask Spirit and St. Germain 💜 ✨to release them and then surrender and allow them to fall away 🍁. It truly is that simple. The tough part is the allowing. 😉 That is where you come in and things may be tricky or complicated at times. Trust and have faith that Spirit is with you and you will know what to do and when to do it. Go forward in love 💜 and light ✨. Namaste 🙏.


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