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April 13,2022


April 13,2022

There may be a lot thoughts going through your mind right now. Like a flight of ideas and it’s difficult to focus on one for any length of time before another thought or idea comes swirling in🌪

Be aware of this. If needed write the thoughts or ideas you want to pursue on paper so you can follow up later and also it will keep you from worrying about forgetting them. 😉 If you do forget that’s okay because perhaps it wasn’t meant to be or not the right time. For some things you may need to dig into the details however there is caution here not to over analyze. Sometimes when you are making decisions you have to just let go and trust your intuition. In some situations you may find the evidence for both sides compelling which makes it difficult to find a decision which will work. At these times ask Spirit for guidance and to help you find a solution. It may take some creativity on your part however Spirit can help you with that as well if you step aside and allow yourself to be inspired. Take time to be with your thoughts, ideas and emotions as they provide knowledge and information however don’t get stuck with them by over thinking. Go with the flow and let The Wind Faery💨 🧚 take away anything that does not serve you at this time. Take back your power and authority of your life 👑. Your thoughts are powerful. It is up to you how you use them. Use them wisely and for the highest good.

💜🙏✨ 🍎 🗡 🔮 🌀 🦄 ♾

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