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April 13,2023


April 13,2023

Today I am guided to focus on Pyrite. Crystals are gems that come from the earth and carry energy to help us intuit areas that we may need to work on or work with. Pyrite is gold in colour and is often referred to as Fools Gold. It is gold and shiny on the outside and some may be fooled by that however it’s true value is intrinsic. Pyrite can help you see your true value and what in life is valuable versus the value of material things. Pyrite can help you discover your true power by helping you to see that all that is shiny is not gold. We get distracted, and allow ourself to be distracted, in order to avoid seeing what is truly valuable, what we need to see and what is true. This is an inside job and it will be well worth your while, valuable in fact 😉, to go within and seek that which needs some polishing. Can you imagine how bright you would be if you shine from the inside out. That is what Spirit ✨ wants for you, to be shiny inside and out. To know your true value because your real worth comes from within and it is who you truly are. The abundance you seek is within you. You always have all that you need. Abundance is not just money it is opportunities and experiences, relationships and especially the love that surrounds us and is within us. Feel the Joy 🤩 in the abundance of the little things in your life. Feel the love within and share the love and Joy 🤩 with others as these are given to us by Spirit ✨ to share with others. You never know the effects that sharing your golden light will have on others. You may help others to change to gold as well. Shine your light and be the sparkle 💖 in your own life and the lives of others. Don’t let yourself be fooled.

(The crystal cards used are from the Crystal Spirits deck by Colette Baron-Reid)


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