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April 14,2023


April 14,2023

Today Turquoise is the focus. Turquoise is a very calming stone and has amazing powers to help us heal by assisting us in reframing the stories we tell ourselves. It can help take us out of victim mentality and bring us back to our power. Reframing is not denying or changing the story of how events happened, it is about seeing it from a different perspective. It is about being open to switching the narrative and asking questions. What did you learn from the experience? What feelings did you have and why? What are the triggers? Is this relationship healthy? How can I heal and learn from this and what positive changes can I make for the future? There are many more questions that can be asked depending on your situation. Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra so it can be helpful for you to tell your story which may help you even more and perhaps help others as well. It can help you speak your truth and express your feelings in a calm manner. Writing in a journal 📔 is also a great way to express yourself. Write unedited. I was taught early on that pen to paper 📝 is like an antenna to Spirit/God/The Creator ✨. In the picture the Turquoise is in an egg shape which is a symbol of creation and birth. What are you creating? What do you want to birth? Life is a sacred spiral 🌀 which has several meanings and much depth to each rotation however for today it is about our connection to Spirit/God/The Creator ✨ and how through our healing ❤️‍🩹 journey, and through seeing our stories through a different lens we can transform, evolve and gain a better understanding of who we are. We can create who we want to become by understanding who we were. Your past doesn’t define you however it can help you create something beautiful if you are open to allowing the alchemy of change. Allow the threads of gold which is God ✨ within to weave it’s magic 🔮. See how beautiful you truly are through the lens of Spirit ✨💜💙💚


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