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April 17,2023


April 17,2023

Adding to the weekly reading today is a card from the Native Spirit deck by Denise Linn. This week we come into very powerful energies of a solar ☀️eclipse 🌚. The astrology around this is complex as there is a lot going on in the heavens 🪐☄️🌪️🔥If you want more information I would suggest looking up Moon Omens or Pam Gregory. Both are on YouTube and explain the details very well. Coming into these transformative energies will require you to get yourself together. The energies are fast moving and you will need to have firm grounding in order to stand tall and strong and keep yourself rooted in the storm ⛈️. There may be rapid fluctuations in the weather (weather not just being the actual weather if you know what I mean 😉). This is a time to gather the people, animals, places that support you and where you can tell your truth without judgement. Surround yourself with those that you love and who love you. Remember that Spirit ✨loves you as well so remember to keep Spirit ✨ in your tribe as well. This is a time to love and honour yourself as well and engage in activities that support you and that you love. It is a personal and collective energy.

If you have not taken the time to explore what your foundations are, your roots that hold you strong in the storm ⛈️, now would be a good time to do that. I have the Patchwork Heart Project which can help you with this, as well as, identify your triggers. Triggers will be important to know over the next few weeks as Mars is still hanging around and tempers may flare. Forewarned is forearmed and if you know your triggers you can take mindful action versus reaction. I offer this for a suggested donation of $20. If you are interested please PM me or send an email to

You are loved and there is a lot of angelic 😇 and spiritual support right now. Tap into that as well. Do things that empower you and be with those that honour you and believe in you. Stand tall, be strong and be love💜✨.


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