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April 18,2023


April 18,2022

Holy cow 🐄. I love the magic 🔮! The day after Easter as so much love is flooding onto the planet (can you feel it?!) and the power of Spirit seems to have intensified greatly, The Raven, appears. There is magic 🔮 in the air and it is such a beautiful energy of love and hope. God’s magic can be mysterious so please be mindful of those so called “coincidences“

because we know there are none. Coming soon there may be situations and events that may be difficult to believe or understand from a human perspective however from a spiritual perspective, and from that deep inner knowing, you will understand. When things seem to simply “appear” in your path, like magic 🔮, be open to accepting them with grace. Be grateful. The energy of gratitude is powerful. You have all that you need. With the magic 🔮 of the Universe so powerful right now make sure to envision your future. How do you see yourself in the future? How do you see life on earth 🌎 in the future? Use the magic 🔮 of your imagination to create your future. Your thoughts are very powerful right now especially so see a beautiful and loving, peaceful and harmonious future. Feel this life with ALL your senses, there are more than five 😉. Connect with Spirit. Feel the magic 🔮and let the magic 🔮of Spirit take you where you need to go.


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