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April 18,2023


April 18,2023

I was guided today to draw a card from The Keepers of the Light deck by Kyle Gray. The energy of this card will be with us for a month or more.

There is a lot of intense energy right now and things are changing very fast. These are powerful transformative 🦢times and major changes are in the works. This can be troubling times for many and there may be chaos, confusion and uncertainty. When this happens go within and connect with The Holy Spirit ✨ and feel the peace 🕊️, comfort 💖and calmness that Spirit ✨ brings to you. The Holy Spirit ✨ wants you to know that Spirit/God/The Creator ✨ has your back. The only thing that is real is love 💜. Love trumps all, is the greatest healer and dispels fear. The power of love 💜 is miraculous. Please remember that Spirit/God/The Creator ✨ loves 💜 you and is watching over you. When The Holy Spirit ✨is around miracles and mysterious things can and will happen. There may be no explanation so just thank Spirit ✨and watch what love 💜 can do. You too have the power within as you have The Holy Spirit ✨ within you. Unleash your love💜, feel the love 💜 and allow miracles to happen. Watch in amazement and be grateful. You are here for a reason. The main one being to hold the love 💜 and light ✨ during this time of transformation🦢. Love 💜 is might🗡️, might 🗡️is right💜. The power is in the love💜. As I write this there are crows cawing throughout this entire time. There is magic 🔮 in the air. The magic of The Holy Spirit ✨. Feel the love 💜✨ and expect miracles 🔮✨🦢🕊️. All is well. You’ve got this. Spirit/God/The Creator ✨ has got this. Let your love 💜 shine ✨, trust the process, remain calm and do not fear 💜🙏✨.


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