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April 2,2022


April 2,2022

As we take our first steps into the powerful energies of Aries ♈️ we may find that things begin to change more rapidly than we thought. These rapid changes may cause confusion and uncertainty and Spirit understands that. It is important to continue to stay on course and keep your vision in mind. Remember that you are guided and loved. Remember to remember. Be aware of the reason and intent for your vision. Is it coming from the heart ❤️? Who will it serve? How will you get there? Well you will have some ideas day by day and it’s important to take whatever steps are needed on a day to day basis. You will know in your heart and soul what that is. Simply ask daily what your soul needs today. There may be days where you rest and that’s okay too. Rest is vital to make adjustments to the energy coming in and to refresh and recharge. Know that Spirit has a bigger plan. What that is, is The Mystery however it is one filled with light and in time we will have a clearer vision. You are part of The Mystery as you are the light and you chose to be here at this time. Even the smallest light added to the whole creates illumination. We each have a special purpose. Each person is needed so please remember this is not a competition. Follow your own path knowing it is adding to the whole. Trust and have faith that Spirit will lead us safely through the times of uncertainty and get us to where we need to go. You are always where you are meant to be. Be the light. Shine your light and continue to dispel the shadows so that you, and others, can bring your love, light and truth together to work in peace 🕊, balance ⚖️ and harmony 🎶 with yourself, others and Mother Earth. Have faith. Let The Mystery unfold. Be kind. Be calm. Be in the moment. 💜🙏


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