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April 20,2022


April 20,2022

More magical 🔮cards today. This week is amazing! There is a major transformation 🦢 happening (in case you haven’t heard this already 🤗) within you and all around you. This is a transformation 🦢that is filled with Love 💜 and one that will create incredible grace and beauty in time. Transformation 🦢 does not happen overnight and there are steps that are needed in order to get it just right. Steps cannot be missed. Some steps require a little more time than others and there is time for resting along the way as well. Rest allows you to integrate and adjust to changes. Each step is illuminated in Love 💜 and light ✨so you can clearly see. If you are unsure it is important to trust your intuition and allow your higher self and your angels 👼 to guide you through. The transformation 🦢 that is occurring is one set out by who you are and who you are meant to be. Your destiny. A Swan 🦢 cannot transform into a dog 🐶 for example. This transformation 🦢 is magical 🔮 in that your body, mind and soul will just do what it is programmed to do. A program given to you with Love 💜 from Spirit ✨🙏. Your part is to allow the transformation 🦢, as it will occur no matter what. The important piece 🧩 to remember is that it is designed with Love 💜 through Spirit ✨. Keep in mind to stay in the moment and Love 💜 yourself for the steps you have taken. You have gotten to where you are now so celebrate you. Your Love 💜 to transform 🦢 will be what brings the ultimate beauty. Stay in the moment, be Love, Love 💜 yourself and allow the Love 💜 to take you where you need to go. You are climbing into higher wisdom and knowledge which is given freely and with Love 💜. Love 💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏 on your journey. The true beauty of who you are is about to be revealed. Have faith. You are loved.


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