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April 21,2023


April 21,2023

Just to add to the mixture of energies, today Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus ️. This will be a good thing as it will help you to slow down and take a few breaths. You will have time to think and chew on aspects of your life which may require changes. Often with retrogrades there is a review so you may find that you are looking at various aspects of your physical world including relationships, finances, lifestyles etc etc etc.. Take time to look at all the aspects of your life, or the ones that come up for review, and see what your values, ideas, beliefs and patterns around these things are. Look at them and ask yourself how, when and why you developed these thoughts etc.. What do you want to change? What can you do to change it? You may have to do some deep thinking and research. Mercury can help with that 😉. It can be difficult at times when you are in patterns to make changes so seek the wisdom of Spirit/God/The Ceator ✨. Listen to your heart ❤️. Spirit is within us all. Seek the light within. Also remember to be grateful for all that you do have and for the guidance and support that Spirit ✨ gives. God’s ✨love is magical 🔮and transformative 🦢. Open your heart to this love. You may need to make changes so during this period do so slowly. There is never a rush. Everything happens in perfect timing. Know that The Creator ✨is with you and within you. Listen for the wisdom and follow your heart. Let the love and light of Spirit ✨ shine upon you so that you can shine your light ✨ for others. Ask how you can be of service. Ask for God’s ✨ light to illuminate that which may be in the shadows and seek the answers within. Allow the transformation 🦢to happen. The Creator ✨ knows who you truly are and will help you. Trust the process.


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