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April 22,2022


April 22,2022

It may seem like all is calm and quiet on the surface however the water below the surface is always moving and changing. For now enjoy the peace and tranquillity that being by the water provides. Listen to the gentle sounds of the water and nature around you. Find that peace and calmness within you. The other part of this is the Movement of your emotions/thoughts/ideas. As things move about within you may experience memories that seem to come out of nowhere, dreams or visions that trigger emotions. Please remember that these are coming to the surface so that they can be cleared and so that you can make room for new ideas and new ways. Take time to explore and ponder what comes up, not obsess, just ponder. Hmm 🤔 that’s interesting. Where is that coming from? Do I need/believe that now? You can always react and throw a rock into the pond however keep in mind this has a ripple effect and when the rock hits the bottom it also stirs up and displaces other things. Both the ripples and the rock cannot be controlled once they leave your hand. It’s like your power in a way. Once you give it away you have no control over it and it’s a harder and longer fight to get it back than giving it away to begin with. Pay attention to your emotions and use them as guidance for what you need to shift or what is shifting under the surface. This is a good thing and is necessary as we complete this cycle. It is part of the healing ❤️‍🩹 💚process You are worth it. Take your power back. Be you. Trust the process.


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