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April 23,2022


April 23,2022

Two cards come forth today. There is a lot of levels to this message today. I will write what comes to me however if you feel, or think, that there may be a message embedded for you trust that instinct. Communicating with kindness and compassion is needed right now. Others are entitled to their own beliefs and it is important to listen with a neutral mind. Listening does not mean you believe or accept their ideas or views as your own it simply means that you allow them to speak freely. You still need to hold your power and speak your truth. As we birth new ideas and new ways of doing things we will need open Communication. This also includes open Communication with your higher self and Spirit. The path ahead may not be clear right now so staying in a calm, neutral place, and from a slightly higher vantage point, will bring some clarity on where to go or what to do next. Your intuition(a feminine trait) will guide you if you choose to listen. Often you get feelings or sensations in your heart or gut. Take time to Communicate with your body to know what these sensations mean. The Queen 👑 wears a gold crown to connect with Spirit and the higher source, (some refer to this as the golden light). See this golden light surrounding you as well. Remember to Communicate with yourself with kindness and compassion as well. Communicate with Spirit in whichever way works for you. That may be prayer 🙏, meditation 🧘‍♀️, nature walks 🌲 or creative projects to name a few. This is the place where the wisdom and knowledge resides within. We are the light✨. We are the love💜. We are the truth🗡. Pass it on!

💜🙏✨🍎🗡🔮🌀🦄 ♾

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