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April 25,2022


April 25,2022

Of course as we let go and decide to make changes in our lives it wouldn’t be complete without a visit from our mischievous friend, The Goblin. The Goblin loves to tell you that you can’t do that, you’re not smart enough, you don’t have the skills…blah blah blah. You certainly can believe him if you want however keep in mind that if you aren’t happy the way things are then only you can change them. Yes new paths, new knowledge, new lifestyles etc take time to learn and adjust to. Be patient with yourself and cherish the moments that you have accomplished something new no matter how small. Think of a new baby and how we celebrate the first sound, smile, crawling and all those little milestones. Celebrate your little milestones as well because before you know it you will not be crawling but running. Everyone is here to learn something and in their own time frame. Spirit knows how best you learn so follow that inner wisdom and guidance also known as intuition. Be open to new skills, ideas and ways of doing things. Thank The Goblin for his entertainment and desire to distract you from what is important and what you need to see and do however ask The Goblin to step aside and allow yourself to follow your heart ♥️. The Goblin may attempt to come back now and again. Just thank him and tell him you’ve got this. Toss him a shiny object to distract him. The Goblin can only play tricks on your mind if you allow him. Believe in yourself ✨. Believe in the magic 🔮🦄.


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