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April 3,2022


April 3,2022

The theme for this week is boundaries. If you don’t have any boundaries then you are likely to be feeling even more uncertain than usual. Boundaries help us to define our borders so that we know when others have crossed the line so to speak. Boundaries also help us to see where our line in the sand is. Here’s the trick. You need to know what values are important to you as these are a big part in forming your boundaries. The Cat 🐈 is here today as the anchor card as The Cat 🐈 knows himself/herself well. If The Cat doesn’t want to do something it simply doesn’t. Anyone who has had a Cat 🐈 knows this. The Cat 🐈 honours and values himself and is not willing to sacrifice when things are one of its core values. The Cat 🐈 teaches you how to treat her by holding strong and consistent to these values. So this week take time to use the mystical 🔮 energy of The Cat 🐈 to see deep within to identify your values. If your four legs are strong your will be able to hold your power and perhaps leap away when necessary. The

Cat’s 🐈athletic abilities and it’s ability to survive relies on its intuition and its four legs, it’s pillars of strength. This week may require some introspection and especially with the rapid changes of energy that are occurring you will need to have your own pillars strong so that if you need to think or move quickly you can do so. There may be times you are gentle and purring or you may have to defend your boundaries fiercely. Take time to look within. Take time to see. Be ready to adjust as needed within your boundaries. Some things may require a leap of faith ✨🙏


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