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April 3,2023


April 3,2023

The card for the start of the week is Joy 🤩. To help us with this The Queen 👑 invites us to come for a visit and enjoy the company of good friends. This is a time to gather together and have fun and connect with others on a deeper level. Reconnect. The Queen 👑 asks that you open you heart ❤️ to others and experience the beauty of who they are from your heart ❤️. Feel the love within them and surround them with your love and compassion. Share ideas and birth new concepts, support systems and dreams. The High Priestess was prevalent last week. This speaks of having a vision for your future and The Queen 👑 brings into that dream a vision of working together to create something beautiful for all. There is a feeling of community and communities. Each person finding their own power and contributing their gifts and skills to help others. By helping others and being of service you will experience Joy 🤩 within. Spirit/God/The Creator ✨ loves when we come together and work together to birth something new that will help others as well as ourselves. The Joy 🤩 is in working together, creating new systems and realities, helping others so that all thrive and are the best that they can be. So stand in your power and know that one person does make a difference. It takes a village as the saying goes. As things change compassion will be required. Healthy boundaries will also be required. Be open to new possibilities and allow your heart ❤️ to be your guide. Listen to your angels 😇 as they will show you the way. The next few years feel like a royal ascent as people once again learn how to work together in a way that benefits the individual as well as the collective. Surround yourself with love💜, be love 💜and be loving💜. See your future filled with love and Joy 🤩 and focus on that. Focus on what you do want. Focus on the light ✨. Focus on Spirit/God/The Creator✨.


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