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April 9,2023


April 9,2023

💜🐇🌷Easter Blessings 🌷🐇💜

Easter 🐣 is the time of birth, 🥚 rebirth and transformation 🦋 amongst other things. The resurrection of Christ ✝️ ✨in the Christian faith is symbolic of many things and on many levels. The cards this week remind us of that indeed. Spirit ✨ ALWAYS amazes me as you can’t make this up. Aside from the cards the passage that opened in the Bible this morning was magical 🔮✨. The cards this week speak of Joy 🤩 and transformation🦋. This is about finding Joy 🤩 in the transformation 🦋and being Joyful 🤩for the transformation. 🦋Powerful energies of the solar ☀️ eclipse are already with us and it is transformative. 🦋It will be necessary to be grounded, balanced and calm. Know that abundance is your Divine right as a soul. You are worthy and you are good enough as you are a child of God✨. The way you see, think and perceive things is changing. New things are coming in so embrace the new and open yourself to new opportunities, experiences and adventures. The sky is the limit so focus on your dreams. Dare to dream big and then let go and allow The Creator ✨ to guide you and transform you into something beautiful and full of grace 🦢 🦋. Find Joy 🤩 in each day. Be grateful for what you do have and be grateful to Spirit/God/The Creator ✨ for all that is. There will be bumps, wrong turns trips and falls. That is all part of the journey of creating something new. Don’t give up. Get up when you fall. Keep your thoughts positive. Find Joy 🤩 in your transformation 🦋and the transformation 🦋of the world around you. You will see things differently. May the blessings you need be the blessings you receive 🙏✨💜. There is magic 🔮🦄 in the air, Divine magic 🔮✨🙏. Find the beauty🦋 and joy 🤩 in that ✨💜.

💜🙏 🍎🗡 🔮 🌀🦄

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