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August 10,2022


August 10,2022

Into the energies of the full moon 🌕 which is tomorrow 😉. The last of the powerful super moons 🤪. The cards are not missing a beat. In case anyone has not realized we are in the midst of transformation. A fairly major and global transformation and it’s not over yet. 😳The Swan 🦢 card is the first to appear today. It is joined by The Wasp. Now what does all that mean? We are transforming and changing into who we were designed to be. The process can sting at times. Sometimes its a single sting and at other times you may have a few stings to deal with. There may be pain however know that these “stings” will appear in areas of your life that need your attention. It is important that you look after these stings so that they don’t linger or become infected. In human speak that is saying that you need to look at the difficult areas in your life that will be presented so that you can heal those areas and deal with them, in whatever way is needed, so that you avoid them becoming toxic or you dispel the toxins. Rely on your intuition as there will be clues. Allow whatever needs to change, to change. At this point it seems that resistance is futile. Face it- if you keep poking at The Wasp’s nest you will get stung. Continually doing that which causes you pain and discomfort only leads to more of the same. Stand in your power to change and allow Spirit ✨ to create the beauty of who you truly are. Accept that The Wasp’s nest exists and deal with each sting as it arises knowing that through taking responsibility for the stings you will heal 💚 and transform into an even more beautiful form of yourself. Let your anger, and any other negative emotions, go. There is only room for love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness. Spirit ✨ can help you with this if you choose to allow. This is about maturing, growing up so to speak. It is time to get your wings and let others see your true beauty and through that process others see the possibilities as well. It is true that tough and painful times allow us to see the truth of who we are ✨. Go forward with grace 🦢 and let your beauty inspire ✨ others.


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