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August 11,2022


August 11,2022

Spirit ✨ is watching. Spirit ✨ is listening. Spirit ✨ hears your prayers. On this full super moon 🌕 in Aquarius ♒️ make sure to listen to your intuition, those gut instincts. You may be hearing, feeling and seeing a lot right now and some things may not make sense. Be wise. Not everything is worth focusing on 🦅. Spirit ✨has a plan and there is a lot happening in the unseen world that you may not be aware of however this is where the real magic 🔮 happens. Remember that Spirit ✨ sees the big picture and from the higher vantage point 🦅 things appear differently. It is important right now for you to watch and listen. You will know when it’s time to take flight 🦅. Until then use your inner wisdom to guide you. You may need to wait so be patient. Some things might not make sense to you however keep in mind that you don’t have the big picture. Trust the process and allow Spirit ✨to work the magic 🔮. This is a time to go within and look to the vision for the future. A vision not only for yourself but for the world as well. Be grateful and find joy in every day. This will raise your vibration and spirits and also add this higher vibration to the collective energy. That is what is needed now. Know that Spirit ✨ is always with you and within you. Where there is light there is no darkness. Remember you are the light. Your power lies within.

“I am the light ✨.

I am the love 💜.

I am the truth 🗡.



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