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August 12,2022


August 12,2022

The Eagle 🦅 returns today to again remind us that Spirit ✨hears us, Spirit ✨sees us and Spirit ✨ is always with us. Watching from high above is like watching a movie. It is easier to see which way to go and what happens along the way. Spirit✨ knows the answers and sees the possibilities for each and every one of us. Spirit ✨and your angels guide you if you choose to listen. It is a free choice. There is no right or wrong. Those are words we like to use which are judgemental. Every path brings different experiences and that is all you need to know. Whatever your higher self requires will be what you choose. Trust your instincts and face any challenges from the point of view of what it is you need to know. Take some time if it feels right for you to step into the vantage point of The Eagle 🦅. See your situation, and your life, from a higher perspective. From here you will too get a better view and be able to step outside of the drama. From a higher point you can distance from your emotions. You will feel them however they will be less intense and therefore you will be better able to think more clearly and therefore act mindfully versus reacting. Acting mindfully allows you to act with purposeful actions and with love and grace. Ask yourself, “What would Spirit do?” From afar you can remain calm. That will be needed as time goes on. Remember that Spirit ✨has a plan and at times there may be changes so being able to watch and listen will be important. Use your intuitive skills to guide you. You are safe. You are free to take flight or find another perch whenever you desire. There is nothing holding you back except yourself. Have confidence in yourself. You will know what to do and when to do it. All is well. You are majestic and magnificent just like The Eagle 🦅. Take time to connect with Spirit ✨ and find the peace 🕊 within 💜🕊💜


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