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August 13,2022


August 13,2022

Well it seems that we still have some Letting Go to do🤪. Why do we continue to hang on to “things”? “Things” being thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns, material goods and perhaps even relationships. Are you afraid to Let Go? These “things” only stop us from going with the flow and discovering new “things” that bring us Joy 🤩. Letting Go allows for the healing of the body, mind and spirit. Joy 🤩 brings us back to the light. Joy is our sunshine ☀️ , our power centre, our life force, our solar plexus. Spirit knows Letting Go can be frightening and that is why you have a league of angels 👼 to guide you through the process. Spirit does not guarantee that there will not be turbulence at times and you may feel there is no safe way out however there is, there always is. When in turbulent times it will serve you best to find something that brings you Joy 🤩. Finding Joy 🤩 helps to reconnect you with yourself, Spirit ✨and the earth 🌲. Finding something to do that brings you Joy 🤩 in the unknown, and possibly scary, times will raise your vibration and help you to find the calmness within. An added bonus is your lightness and higher vibration are added to the collective and therefore help others as well. Starting today make it a daily routine to Let Go of whatever may come up for you by finding an activity that brings you Joy 🤩 and helps raise your vibration to assist you in the Letting Go process. You may need to do some experimentation in the Joy 🤩 department as what you used to do may no longer seem to work. Try something new. If you still cannot find something then go sit in nature or perhaps by some water. A stream in the forest 🌲 comes to mind here. Meditate/pray 🙏on what lifts your spirits, brings calmness and soothes your soul. Now more than ever this is important and needed!!! (Spirit has added the exclamation marks 🤗😇🙏💜). Do this for you. Once you begin to flow the possibilities are endless and Joy 🤩 has a way of taking control which leads to incredible adventures. Be brave and determined to find the Joy 🤩 in your life. We are here to find the love and Joy 🤩 that Spirit ✨truly wants for us. Believe in yourself🦄. Believe in the magic 🔮Trust Spirit ✨to help you find your way.


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