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August 14,2022


August 14,2022

With a good Mystery there is always twists and turns to keep you guessing. The path may change and it seems sometimes like you are going in circles. However in a good Mystery it begins to come clear where the path is leading. Right now is no different. There have been many twists and turns and there may still be more however the final path is clear. Follow the light. Follow your heart💜. You will know it and you will feel it within. You have followed all the clues and used your critical thinking skills to get you where you are now. You have paid attention to the signs and symbols that Spirit ✨ has sent you. Like in a good Mystery there can be great suspense near the end however there is always hope even when all feels lost. There is light✨ and the Mystery will soon be solved. Don’t give up now. Continue to follow the light and know in your heart 💜 it is taking you wherever you need to go. Remember to remember that you are the light ✨as we have the light ✨ within us and where there is light there cannot be darkness. Shine your light✨, follow the light ✨and be the light✨. You can do this. Complete the Mystery as the final chapter is often the best, suspenseful but riveting 😉. Keep on your path. Trust and have faith. Stay focused on what you want as your mind believes what you tell it. Stay positive knowing the hero wins. You are the hero by the way 🥰. You are cowriting with Spirit ✨. You can create your own happy ending.


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