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August 15,2022


August 15,2022

Wherever you walk know that you are Protected. Yes Spirit and your angels 👼 walk with you however you also carry the light ✨ within. Shine your light✨. Let your light✨ be your guide. It will illuminate where there is darkness and you cannot see. It will light ✨your way so you know where you need to go. And, it will show you the beauty that is within you and around you. Your light ✨within will make you see things differently as the colours may be more vibrant and you will see the fine details that perhaps you have never seen before. The light ✨ that surrounds you is like a force field and where there is light ✨ there can be no darkness. How far does your force field extend? You can expand your force field. What would it be like if we all expanded our force fields so far out and joined with others to cover the world. That force field of life and love would then surround us all. What a wonderful world that would be! Spirit ✨wants you to know that you have nothing to fear as we walk into the unknown. Your light ✨goes with you and that is all that you need. Send your light ✨and love 💜out and trust the magic 🔮.

“May the long time sun ☀️ shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within guide your way on.” Irish Blessing ☘️ 🙏


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