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August 19,2022


August 19,2022

All that you see is not all that really is. The topic today is, once again, Perception. Our eyes see what is on the surface. It is important to see what is on the surface however often the real beauty is what lies beneath. Yes underneath can be sometimes a little “yucky” as things are breaking up and breaking down. This process though creates nutrients to feed new growth. Each step, each time you scratch the surface and reveal something that has been covered up you have the opportunity to heal these areas and provide the nutrients for new possibilities. There will be things in the shadows, or that you uncover, that may make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. Remember your light. Your thoughts are powerful and your mind believes what you tell it so when you feel uncomfortable or unsure remind yourself that you are the light, the love 💜and the truth🗡. If you are feeling stuck take time to pause and look at what you are stuck on. Then look somewhere else to change your Perception. That can often break the spell. Between the shadows and the light there are many colours. Decide to see all the colours so that you see the beauty of the world around you. You are where you need to be. Enjoy the here and now. Take time to see what is hidden. Ask questions to understand what you are seeing. When you change your Perception it can be uncomfortable. Stay grounded and ask questions so that you can be clear. Follow your intuition. It will lead you to the light.


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