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August 2,2022


August 2,2022

In the end all that matters is Love❤️. Love 🧡does not mean never having to say you are sorry. Love 💛means that you take responsibility when you have done something wrong or have hurt others. Love 💚means you care about others and want what is best for them. Love💙 means you support others to be the best they can be. Love 💜asks you to forgive yourself and others knowing that we do the best we can with the tools we had at the time and also m, others are sent to us to help us learn, they are our teachers, and sometimes the teachers present us with difficult and challenging lessons. We are here to learn the many facets of Love🤍. First and foremost it is important to Love❤️ yourself. Remember you chose to come here and that you are here for a reason. Be comfortable with where you are right now. Set your intention to be loving 🧡towards yourself and others each day. Ask questions and seek answers instead of judging others. Be open to discussions even though they may be difficult. We learn a lot about each other through sharing information, knowledge and ideas. Love💛 means knowing yourself well enough and being able to stay true to your values when making decisions. Love 💚is your power. Love 💙allows you to honour yourself while at the same time honouring others. Love 💜knows that we all have our own path and we meet others along the way that support us or we are sent to support others. Love 🤍is being in peace 🕊, harmony 🎶 , and balance ⚖️ with ourselves and others. When in doubt choose Love❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍.


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