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August 22,2022


August 22,2022

You have created a life which has brought you many experiences and provided for you thus far. Now may be a time to add to your creation and perhaps add new sections. It can be difficult to know which way to go and what would be best however “ nothing ventured, nothing gained”. This is a time to explore new possibilities. If you were able to create whatever you desired what would tfat be? The Spider 🕷 is often a solitary creature however that does not mean it needs to continue to be so. Things can change. We are never alone. We are all connected and we have angels 👼 and guides with us always ready to help. Day by day there may be small changes however small things add up to big things in the end. This is a time to persevere and connect to Spirit ✨ each day for guidance. Learn to follow your guidance even though it may seem strange. At times we are sent in previously unthought of ways in order to see things in a different way. Continue to hold your vision of what you want, and desire, for the future and then allow Spirit ✨ to work through you to create it. Perhaps it won’t be exactly as you had envisioned however it is often something even better 🤩. Trust that what you are creating will be perfect for you. Connect with Spirit✨, yourself and others. We are all connected and together we weave a beautiful web 🕸. Focus on the day to day strands and allow the beauty to unfold as it is meant to be. Remember that there is beauty in imperfection as well. Let go of being perfect and just be. You know. You have the wisdom.

Believe in yourself 🦄✨. Believe in the magic 🔮✨


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