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August 26,2022


August 26,2022

The Hawk is keeping an eye on you. The Hawk sees your path and will guide you if you allow it. Pay attention to what you are thinking and then watch for the signs tfat let you know you are on the right path. You may find yourself circling at times as you rewind to go over some details. This may seem annoying because let’s face it, going into circles is annoying and frustrating however, it does serve a purpose at times. This purpose is often to heal as is difficult to clear everything at once and, Spirit knows that for most people total healing all at once is not beneficial, so you circle back to get another view. Little by little you see the whole picture and little by little you are able to let go of the pieces. One time you will see what you are looking for and then you can move on. The Hawk will guide you and let you know you are on the right path by sending you signs. Pay attention. Listen to your intuition and your gut instincts. What are you not seeing? Take some time to take a ride on The Hawk and see what is around you from a different perspective. From on high, and using the keen vision of The Hawk, you will be able to see the details. Pay attention to what draws your focus. Some of you feel you have been circling for eons and you keep seeing the same thing. Sometimes that is necessary and sometimes you need to turn around and circle in the other direction. Coming from a different angle you see things differently. Trust the process. Patience is needed. If you are determined to see and to heal you will find what you are looking for and what you need. Ask Spirit to help and set your intention to heal and be open to change. Open your eyes to the possibilities. Know that all is well and you are right where you are meant to be. Pay attention to your thoughts, dreams and patterns. Remember to stay grounded so you can see clearly. With so much rushing in at the moment it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind 🌪. Ride the winds of change. Soar with the changes. Spirit ✨is watching 💜


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