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August 28,2022


August 28,2022

Interesting anchor cards this week as we venture deeper into the Virgo season. This week, and the weeks ahead actually, may bring forth many stories. Stories that may seem way too embellished or may be hard to believe. These stories may cause Disruption in your thoughts and perhaps in what you are doing. These Disruptions may be a good thing as they will cause you to stop for a moment and look more carefully at what is around you, what stories you have already heard, what stories are coming your way and what stories you are telling yourself. Now when you get swept away by fast moving stories it can be difficult to discern what is truth and what is illusion or distraction. This is where Virgo ️ comes in. Virgo ️ can help you discern what is truth and can help you see what you need to see amidst the flood of information. Trust your inner wisdom and higher self. Listen to your heart ♥️. You have an internal compass that shows you the way and what is true if you choose to listen to it. Even when things are moving fast and everything seems to be topsy turvy let your heart guide you to truth and which story resonates with you. It is important to listen as every story is important. It might be the smallest detail that slips past you that you see and know is important. Virgo loves the details and no details us too small. As all this can be rather intense it continues to be important that you find joy in your life each day and have a sense of humour. In any story there is Disruption before the ending. The Disruption is needed in order to see how beautiful and amazing the end of the story is. The ending of the story may be shock, like a bolt of lightening ️. Keep in mind as well that the lightening ️also illuminates. Prepare for illumination and enlightenment 🙏. There may be some great stories. 😉


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