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August 30,2022


August 30,2022

We are out of our comfort zone as energies are shifting and changes are happening all around us and within us. We are all new to this and as adults we tend to overthink and/or resist. This is a time to look at what is being presented to us with new eyes and new curiosity. Like a child just go with the flow and ask questions. For those of you that have worked with children you know the phase when they ask “why” all the time. They are seeking answers and that is where we are now. Ask questions however it is also important to just go with the flow and listen to Spirit as you are being guided in the right direction. Yes there may be detours. Often detours can lead us to new knowledge and understanding which we require and also they can help us see different things or see things differently. Trust that you are guided. Be open to not knowing what you don’t know. Research new skills and be open to practicing them. Remember new abilities take time to develop. This is a marathon not a sprint. You don’t just step out one day and decide to run a marathon. You must practice and condition your body otherwise you risk injury and setbacks. Do the work that is needed so you can stay the course and reap the rewards. Embrace the changes and face them from the aspect of a curious child. We are all learning new ways and we are all adjusting to the new energies and the changes they bring. Be patient. You will find your way. You are never alone. Spirit and the angelic 👼 realms are with you always. Listen to your heart ♥, your intuition (the inner knowing and wisdom) and your gut instincts. Watch for signs along the way. They are sent to encourage you, guide you and remind you that you are not alone and in the right path. We learn from others. Be open to listening and share your knowledge. This is not a competition. It is about you loving yourself and becoming the best you can be. Please have a sense of humour during this process. Laugh at your follies and innocence. Laughter is the still the best medicine. Find joy 🤩 in new learning and adventures. Live, laugh 😂, love 💜.


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