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August 7,2022


August 7,2022

A fitting anchor card for the week as we enter into yet more powerful and transformative energies. Your ego may be getting in the way of allowing you to change. You see, The Goblin, doesn’t like change and he wants to keep you focused on him. When you do that you are distracted from what you truly want to do as he tends to become more demanding each time you pay attention. It is time to step away from the drama, both yours and others, and come back within and to who you truly are and who you want to be. Allow the light within your ♥️ to be your main focus. The Goblin will tell you that you are not good enough and that others are not good enough either. This just causes you to do cartwheels in all directions and the world starts to spin. Take time to breathe 🧘‍♀️ and ground 🌳 yourself and find that calm, neutral mind. Allow yourself to be who you are. Accept that you have quirks and that you make mistakes. Allow others to be who they are as well. We are all unique and good enough just the way we are so please don’t expect others to be like you. That will only cause more problems. Tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness are the way to go as they are the light✨. Let The Goblin do his tricks and thank him for the entertainment (we all need comic relief at times. See his tricks as just that) however follow your heart ♥️ and go where it leads you as it is Spirit leading you to where you need to go. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions. Trust the process. Let your light ✨shine to dispel the darkness and connect your light ✨with others for full illumination. Let go of past hurts as they were then and this is now. That may mean a bumpy ride at times however it is worth it. Just be you. 💜Let Spirit ✨take care of the rest. 🙏 How can you best serve? Ask Spirit ✨ what you need to know.


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