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August 8,2022


August 8,2022

I was guided to draw the card for the month today. This card is from the “Keepers of the Light” deck by Kyle Gray.

Mercury is our guide this month. Mercury rules communications. It is time to rise up and speak your truth 🗡. Speak from the heart ♥. A saying I heard long ago was “Tell the truth as lovingly as possible and don’t be attached to the outcome “. You have no control over the feelings and actions of others however you have spoken with love 💜 and that is what is important. Speaking your truth and being your authentic self is healing. Mercury holds a caduceus which is a symbol of healing. Interestingly The Serpent 🐍 was the daily reading today. Communication May come in various forms as we go through this next period of time so be open to all forms of communication. Call on Mercury if you need the power to speak your truth. Speak with love 💜. Stand in your power. The power that is you. ✨


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