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December 1,2022


December 1,2022

Welcome to December 🥶. It may be starting with a chilling -23C however the bright spot is that in a few weeks the days will begin to get longer again. December is a magical🔮 month in many ways. It is a transition month in that we complete one year and begin another. The Raven and The Swan 🦢 are two of the cards that came forth today. As the days unfold you may begin to notice things are changing. There may be more “coincidences” and your intuition may be heightened. Pay attention to signs like repeated numbers, feathers 🪶 and cloud formations (interesting about the cloud formations 🤔). Also pay attention to your dreams. Things may change rapidly. Just like a magic trick, you watch and wait, and then the illusion is magically revealed. The time ahead may magically reveal the illusions. During this time of change there can be many emotions. Be aware of them however don’t dwell on them. You can always ask Spirit ✨ to work magic 🔮 and assist you with moving through these emotions. The important thing is to keep your vibration high, and to do this, find Joy 🤩 in each day. Find something to laugh at. Watch a funny movie, get together with friends or remember a time when you laughed. Do something you enjoy each day even for five minutes. You may find that you enjoy doing what you enjoy 😉 and five minutes magically becomes longer and you feel better because of it. This feeling of Joy 🤩 may last a long time. Wouldn’t that be magical 🔮. Your transformation is almost complete. There is great healing taking place within you and around you. Find Joy 🤩 in this time and allow Spirit ✨ to help you be the magician. Spirit ✨ can help you see the illusions and has given you the magic 🔮 to create new ones, expose them or make changes. With Spirit ✨ you are the magician. Together you can create change and find Joy 🤩 in doing so.

💜🙏🍎🗡 🔮🌀🦄♾

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