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December 10,2022


December 10,2022

The big message that came through this morning during meditation and prior to drawing the card wasHOLD THE LIGHT

As we head towards the solstice and the energy begins to amp up even more there will be a lot of knowledge that comes forth. Old knowledge will shed like the skin of The Serpent 🐍 and new knowledge will come to light✨. This new knowledge will encompass a variety of things however for many it will be healing knowledge. This healing can be on any level physically, mentally, energetically. There are no boundaries to the healing. It depends what you need. Trust that what areas you need to heal will be brought to light. Allow the healing. See it as a new beginning a new skin so to speak. A skin that you can create. There may be times where you feel more vulnerable and that’s okay. There are many stages to healing so honour where you are. Even in the darkest times ✨HOLD THE LIGHT✨. These changes are needed as we head into the next phase of transformation. Allow the changes. You are destined for something more beautiful 🦢 (see yesterday’s reading). Yes there may be twists and turns however these are to help you see from different perspectives. Spirit ✨ has a plan. Stay in your calm and grounded space and trust your intuition. You will know deep within what is truth and what you need to do. Just be. ✨✨HOLD THE LIGHT✨✨


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