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December 11,2022


December 11,2022

This week the anchor card is Movement. This card has come up recently and spoke about Movement beneath the surface. This is still happening however now it is amplifying somewhat. There is larger Movements happening below the surface although they are still unseen and outwardly things appear calm. Just a heads up that you may want to prepare yourself for when the Movement breaks through the surface. You might get wet ๐Ÿค—. Right now there is much happening that we cannot see or understand however we do feel the energies. This may cause you ripples of various emotions that you may not fully understand because some of them may be yours and some may be coming from the collective energy. Now more than ever it is important to practice your breathing and remaining grounded so that when the big splash ๐Ÿ’ฆ so to speak happens you can stay in that calm state of mind where to can think clearly and act mindfully. Light โœจ workers you will need to be in this space to help others and โœจHOLD THE LIGHTโœจ. You will get wet however you will also be a beacon of light โœจ for those in the storm. Yiu will be their lighthouse. Only Spirit โœจ knows the timing. For now send out ripples of love. Just be you. Just be. Remember the mantra โ€œI am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I AM. โ€œ


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