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December 12,2022


December 12,2022

Today is 12:12. A number of hope. It is about connecting with Spirit and trusting the process. It is a reminder to keep calm and stay in balance. It is a time to trust your intuition and let Spirit inspire you. One of the best things that you can do is have fun and find joy in something that you do today, everyday actually. Trust that your Partnership with Spirit will take you where you need to go when the time is right. As mentioned before, on many occasions, the road ahead is a little fuzzy and out of focus as changes are occurring on many levels. Know that you will be guided 😇 and with each step new thoughts, ideas and opportunities will come in to focus. Stay positive for the future. Right now it may appear daunting as many may be feeling tired and overwhelmed. Trusting that your connection with Spirit ✨ will help you to see, and feel, what your next step is, and when, is all you need right now. Stay grounded and in balance especially during this time of year when there is a lot of activity. Look in the direction you want to go and keep your dreams in mind. Let Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 look after the details. You’ve come this far. Keep the faith. Love 💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏✨.


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