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December 13,2021

Updated: Dec 17, 2021


December 13,2021

Emotions this week may be all over the map . With all that is happening here on earth and in the heavens there is a lot of energy flooding onto this planet and this is causing a lot of confusion and chaos. Balance is important this week and also for a few weeks. You may need to ride the waves . If you are experiencing intense emotions it is important to acknowledge them and look at where they have come from and then allow The Water Faery to float these away. It may be helpful to journal these emotions. Write unedited. This will help you sort through these emotions and can bring insight in where they have come from. It is important now to get to the root of the problem in order to clear these emotions and let them go. Others around you may be experiencing intense emotions as well. Now more than ever we need to stay calm and in the present moment. With emotions and energies on edge there is a feeling of the dam about to burst. This will cause flooding on many levels. In order to deal with this you need to be in a calm and balanced state of mind. Meditation and prayer are helpful however do whatever works for you to bring you into the present and into that calm and clear space. Emotions can cloud our critical thinking. Nature is a great way as well so if you can get outside by some water that would be soothing. Turning the water to cold at the end of your shower can be beneficial as well. Be kind to yourself and others. As we go through these changes we need to love and support each other. You may be feeling vulnerable. Acknowledge that. Trust the process.

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