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December 13,2022


December 13,2022

You need to Focus on what lies just a few steps ahead. Set reasonable goals and intentions. Yes long term dreams are still important to keep in mind however day to day life requires you to look right in front of you and Focus on each step. These are the steps required to get you to your dreams. Stay on your path. What do you need to know or do today? Remember you are in Partnership with Spirit. Partnership means a balance ⚖️ and working together. Working together to create something better. Working together with a common goal in mind. Each partner has strengths and weaknesses and it’s a matter of acknowledging them and allowing each person in the Partnership to flourish. That means using your skills and also being open to strengthening areas that require some attention. Spirit’s strength is in the long term. Yours is in the day to day, present moment. Focus on one day at a time and allow Spirit to guide you into the long term. Attempting to Focus too far in the distance means that you may get overwhelmed as there is too many steps to remember and there is a higher probability that your perspective may change as the future is not clear as yet so is always subject to change. Every Movement makes a difference. Each step makes a difference. Focus on the positive. You are never alone. Trust your partner 😉. Give thanks for each step and each day. Each day brings you closer to where you are going. Enjoy your journey. All is well.


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