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December 15,2022


December 15,2022

Today I was guided to draw a card from the “Spirit of the Animals “ deck by Jody Bergsma. The Novice is the card today from the “Wisdom of Avalon” deck. We are in unknown and new territory. You are seeking your passion, what your heart desires, what is important to you and at times it’s hard to know what to do. It may even be hard to know what you want to do. This is where you need to go forth with and open mind and an open heart. It is important to find balance. When you feel overwhelmed, and like your mind is spinning, it is wise to take some time to yourself to put it all together and get in balance. The energies at this time are very powerful and you will need your natural instincts to guide you. Taking a break is different than quitting. The Tiger 🐅 tends to be solitary in nature however is brave and determined as The Tiger 🐅 knows what it needs and is not afraid to go after it. The Tiger 🐅 suggests that we take time to connect with Spirit ✨ and find what your heart truly desires. The Tiger 🐅 is a reminder not to give up even when things seem out of balance or out of your control. You too are being guided by the energies and by Spirit ✨. The power of the energies at this time can leave you feeling all over the map 🗺️ emotionally which can leave you doubting yourself. Remember that when you are learning something new and/or making changes there is a learning curve and there is bound to be some twists and turns. Hold your power. The Tiger 🐅 does not give up its power and it has boundaries. Know your boundaries. You may want to pay attention to your emotions so that if you feel triggered you don’t pounce. The Tiger 🐅, like all cats watches and waits to make a move however when The Tiger 🐅 does move it does so with power, determination and confidence. If you are uncertain watch and wait. You will know in your heart when the time is right to make your move. Trust your instincts 🐅✨.


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