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December 18,2022


December 18,2022

Entering into the intense energies of this week Spirit ✨ is asking us to find the Joy 🤩 within and in each day. Even though things may appear impossible know that the way through is Joy 🤩. Joy 🤩 is a complex and multidimensional feeling. Yes it can be simple however there is much more to it than that in a deeper level. Joy 🤩 shines the light ☀️ and allows you to see where previously you could not. Joy 🤩 will light your way. It does have magical 🔮 qualities 😉. The light ✨is the truth and yes it can be difficult at times however the truth will set your soul free to explore and experience all the love 💜and light ✨ this lifetime,and this planet 🌎, have to offer. There is yet so much more to see and experience. Once you shine your light ✨ and dispel the darkness and fear you too will see the abundance of love 💜 and possibilities that Spirit ✨ has to offer. Finding the Joy 🤩 within is part of the healing /awakening/ascension process. It is connecting with your heart ♥️, soul and Spirit ✨ to know who you truly are. To feel who you truly are. To know that love💜, compassion and kindness are what we are here to learn. This Christmas 🎄 season is the embodiment of that Joy 🤩. The Joy 🤩 the world felt at the birth of Jesus and the love he brought to this world. The love 💜of Spirit/God/The Creator (or any other name you so choose to use) ✨ that Jesus came to bring us, to teach us and to bring us hope. Now as the energies shift we begin to understand the depth of this love 💜✨ even more and that, in itself, brings pure Joy 🤩. Please keep that in mind when you think/feel/believe there is no way through. Connect with Spirit ✨ and let the light within and around you help you through and shine ☀️ the light ✨for the future. You’ve got this. You can do this. You are here now because you have the power and strength. Believe in yourself 🦄. Believe in the magic 🔮✨.

“May the long time sun ☀️ shine upon you. All love 💜 surround you. And the pure light ✨ within guide your way on”.


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