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December 19,2022


December 19,2022

Seek the Truth🗡. This may mean at times you may feel on shaky ground as seeking the Truth 🗡 can expose things you least expect and perhaps weren’t prepared for. Trust that whatever comes up is what you need to know. Knowledge is your power and through knowledge and understanding you can find your way 🧭 as they are your connection with yourself and Spirit ✨. This is heart ♥️ knowledge. This is the knowing you feel deep inside when you hear the Truth 🗡and know the Truth🗡. Think of a time when you felt something didn’t “feel” right. What did you do? Did you listen to the knowledge/wisdom within? What was the outcome? We inherently know the Truth 🗡however often our mind gets in the way and veers us off course. That’s okay too. It’s part of learning. Follow the Truth🗡. Follow those instincts. They will take you to where you need to go. The Truth 🗡is like a compass 🧭. It will guide you in whatever direction you need to go. Stay calm and down to earth so to speak. Find your true North. Enjoy where you are and trust that you are guided. The Truth 🗡 never waivers. The Truth 🗡 is your balance ⚖️ point. Find your balance ⚖️, the point where you feel strong and can’t be knocked off your feet. Also keep in mind that everyone has their own path. What you need now is not what others may need. Allow others to go in their own direction and follow their own Truth🗡. If you are being pressured remember it is okay to say ‘no’. Standing in your Truth may mean you need to set boundaries. Speak your Truth 🗡in a loving way. Listen to others as well. We learn from each other. We learn by listening and observing as well. Be the love💜, light ✨ and Truth🗡.


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