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December 2,2022


December 2,2022

Movement. This can be on all levels. You may not even notice it as it is so subtle and is happening below the surface. You may look at others and see a calm surface however you never know what is happening within them, below the surface so to speak. Be mindful of your words and thoughts. This is a time to remain calm and allow the ripples to ripple. When you feel the ripples within that come to the surface just observe them. That in itself is calming. Trying to catch them and hang on to them is futile. Things may seem calmer now however things are always changing. Life is dynamic. Little ripples can make as much of a difference, or perhaps even more, than a big splash 💦, without the drama 🎭. We look at the big splash with awe and excitement. Perhaps we need to do the same with the ripple. Each subtle Movement makes a difference. Take time today to just be in that calm space and allow whatever Movement needs to happen to happen. Spirit ✨ knows your heart ♥️ and what you can handle. Consider journaling if you don’t do so already. This is a good way to release thoughts and emotions and also can help you see the Movement you have made over time. I heard once that writing is like an antenna to God. This is not the time to make a big splash. Sit quietly and go within. Find the peace 🕊 within and allow Spirit ✨ to work the magic 🔮. Let Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 look after the details. You never know what may arise. The best gifts 🎁 aren’t always wrapped in pretty packages. 😉Be grateful for this time of peace 🕊.


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