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December 20,2021


December 20,2021

As you step out to follow your path with the loving guidance of Spirit and the angelic realms please remember there is Protection along the way. Spirit is always watching over you as are your own angels and guides. They will send you omens and guidance along the way. Trust your intuition and have faith that you are heading in the right direction. You have to make the choice to follow a different path. It is always your choice. Yes you can stay where you are as long as you like however at some point you will know within that you need a change of scenery. Will you always choose the right path? Heck no 😉🤗. How boring would that be? 🙃. You will venture off course at times however please keep in mind that often our

“mistakes“ are our best teachers and you never know what magic 🔮 these “mistakes“ 😉may bring you. Yes sometimes you have to back track and that’s annoying however it is part of the process 🌀. Go forward with the lightness of heart and soul and with the intention to find joy 🤩 in each day and each step along the way. The landscape you once knew is changing and so are you. This is a path of illumination and enlightenment. You are not where you were last year and you won’t ever be there again. The past is the past and now it’s time to look to the brighter future. Be brave and follow the path that Spirit has co-created with you. There may be, there will be, times that you are unsure of yourself. Breathe and ask Spirit to help. Breathe and listen for the answers. In the past the answers used to be very subtle however now they are more powerful. In order to hear you need to be in that calm state of mind which is possible through breathing, meditation 🧘‍♀️, prayer 🙏, nature 🌳, etc.. For some you may find that you start off together and then take different paths as you venture on. That is okay too. Perhaps in the future your paths will cross again, perhaps not. Remember that everything happens for a reason. Like the tides, people, places and things ebb and flow. Go with the flow. Relax and let the gentle waves 🌊 of the calming waters soothe your soul and bring you peace 🕊 and relaxation. It has been a busy year for many. Give yourself the time to relax. Stop and breathe in the fresh and exhilarating smell of the sea air ( imagine this in your mind if you are not near the sea).

Blessings 🙏now and always. Peace 🕊 be with you. ✨


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