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December 20,2022


December 20,2022

Well here we are in the intense energies of the solstice. How many are feeling it? To me it feels like the universe pulling back on us like a slingshot and the universe is about to let go and send us catapulting into the future at warp speed 😳💫💥. It feels like the Big Bang all over again. Now some may feel that this seems a little scary. I get that however there is so much positive energy around this. So much it’s hard to describe. It’s kind of a celebration and the cork pops off the champagne 🥂 bottle and confetti 🎉 is everywhere. Well with that said 🙃….

The cards today are The Swan 🦢 and Perception. I guess that makes perfect sense. You, others, and the earth are in a time of great transformation 🦢. It is a transformation 🦢on all levels -physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and psychically. It is such a major transformation that we are not even able to begin to imagine it. Now the trick is how you see it? How do you perceive it? Perception is important. Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Do you see the darkness or the light at the end of the tunnel? Listening to your intuition is important right now. Allowing the transformation 🦢is important. Seeing and focusing on the light is needed as that is where you are going. As you walk through the darkness remember that the light within you is dispelling the darkness as you walk through. You are the light ✨. There are many lights ✨ right now heading towards the centre from all directions. When they meet in the centre the combination of light will be magnificent. So brilliantly bright that you cannot even imagine it. Close your eyes and see a vision of millions of fire flies flittering around and then coming together in one huge circle creating a brilliant orb of light. The fire flies are all finding each other just like our lights are. This is such a positive transformation 🦢. Please keep that in mind when you feel in the dark🌚. You are, we are about to become more beautiful than we can even imagine. Know that your true beauty lies within 💜✨🦢. Let your light, your inner beauty shine ✨ ☀️


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