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December 21,2021


December 21,2021

❄️ ☀️ Solstice Blessings ☀️❄️

Today we are in the dark for the longest period before the light returns. Today we are being asked to look into the shadows, embrace the darkness within and transmute it to the light. It is fitting that The Owl 🦉 comes today to assist us with that. Seeing clearly into the darkness and being able to pinpoint what The Owl 🦉 needs to see despite the attempted deception of his prey is what The Owl 🦉 is great at. What are you trying to hide? What are others trying to hide from you? Use your keen senses to uncover the truth. Use your inner wisdom and knowing to zero in on what is your truth and then shine your light ✨ on it to expose it for what it is. Send it to the light ☀️✨, to Spirit, to let it go. More than ever now it is important to use your wisdom and intuition to navigate through these times. If where you are and what you have always done is no longer working for you then you will need to make changes. There have been a lot of changes and to survive you will need to adapt. Take a deep look into the eyes of The Owl 🦉 and he will help you to see what is being concealed. The more you are prepared to see the greater will be your light 🕯 and with each truth revealed your light will become brighter and stronger ☀️ until there is no darkness left. Now your path is clearer and you can go forward with a lightness of body as well as light and love within. Choose the light. Be the wise Owl 🦉 and see into the darkness and release it.


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