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December 25,2021


🎄✨December 25,2021✨🎄

Today I was guided to not pull a card but to speak from the heart. I want all of you to know how much God loves you. This year has been difficult for many and God knows what is in your heart. He sees the strength you have all shown. Today as we welcome the birth of God’s son, Jesus, who changed the world, let that be a reminder to us that the world is changing. One person can make a difference. Through your love 💜 and light ✨ you have made a difference and are an important part of this change. We were sent here to learn about love 💜 and how to love 💜 unconditionally. Take a moment from your activities today to send out love 💜 to yourself, to others and to the Earth. Especially send love to those who have hurt you or who are struggling. They too need love 💜. Today I send you all love 💜 and light ✨ and many blessings to surround you and your loved ones wherever you may be. Take time for find joy in this blessed time of year. There is magic 🔮 in every day. Believe in yourself. Believe in the magic 🔮🦄.

I leave you with an Irish ☘️ Blessing for today and the days ahead.

“May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within, guide your way on. “

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