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December 27,2021

Updated: Dec 28, 2021


December 27,2021

We are about to enter in a time of transformation. In case you hadn’t noticed energies have been shifting significantly these past few months and they will continue to do so for some time yet. You have now lost all your downy feathers and are beginning to emerge as The Swan 🦢. Trusting your instincts you have made it to this point and now you will need to continue to trust your instincts as you move into a different energy and vibration. Your adventures may lead you anywhere and for some you will need to fly away to find your place if peace 🕊. Find your peace 🕊 within as you gently glide into new situations. Take time to look at what is new and how that fits into the new you. If it doesn’t work you may just have to keep going. You may feel out of sorts at times however others looking at you will admire the grace that carries you on. This grace comes from Spirit. Choose to move through life with the grace and peacefulness of The Swan 🦢 . Honour how far you have come. Have faith in the process. Follow your intuition. Transformation is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient. Set an example for others. Others will join you when the time is right if this is your desire. Allow the transformation.


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