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December 26,2022


December 26,2022

There is Movement occurring so please pay attention to signs along the way. This Movement is around us and within us. Our bodies are shifting with the energies so you may find you are experiencing some physical symptoms however you may also notice some enhancement of your psychic abilities so pay attention to those seeming random thoughts and ideas. Thoughts, ideas and beliefs may change as well. They may begin subtly, almost unnoticed, however each little shift makes a difference and it’s easier to have many small moves and give yourself time to adjust instead of a major leap. Unless of course you are wanting a big splash 💦 then you have that choice. The Movement taking place at this time is still below the surface however the intensity and frequency is increasing so be aware of what shifts and becomes more noticeable. Watch and be amazed. It reminds me of those sand pictures where you tipped them over and different sand pictures were created. You could tip it over again if the picture you had created is not quite right. You may have to shift your perspective a bit. If you keep looking at one part of the picture you may not see the beauty of what is around it. Connect with Spirit ✨ and The Hawk as they will help you to focus and see areas you were not aware of before. Spirit ✨ will guide you if you ask so connect each day and ask what you need to know or do today. Allow the Movement to take place. It is necessary. Life is always changing. Nothing stays the same forever. Trust that Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 are with you and will only give you what you can handle. When the currents get a little more choppier 🌊 you may feel tossed around a bit more however please remember you are not in the boat alone. Spirit ✨ is steering the boat you just need to have faith and go along for the ride. I would suggest you hang on though 🤗. Be patient. Enjoy the peaceful times. Be ready. Be open to what comes up for you. Remember to remember.


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