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December 28,2022


December 28,2022

As we close off this year Spirit asks that we release our Burdens. Let Spirit take your Burdens. Ask and you shall receive. You have carried these Burdens for too long. Spirit sees how they are wearing you down and making you tired. They are slowing your journey. Now this sounds simple however Spirit also knows how complex it is to untangle yourself. Spirit will help you one day at a time. It will be important to look to the ground and be grounded. If you only look up then you won’t see what is right in front of you and you run the risk of tripping and falling or perhaps not seeing there is a simple and easy way around this obstacle. It will be important to be grounded and connected with Spirit at the same time. This will mean focusing on your heart ♥️ as the heart is the connection between both worlds. The first thing that will be required is the willingness and intention to release your Burdens and then be open to seeing the beauty in the changes. Each stage, like the seasons, will have things that are beautiful and not so beautiful however it is all necessary for new cycles of growth. Don’t be discouraged. Know that seasons change and so will you. You will release some Burdens and others may appear. They too will release in perfect timing. Everything happens for a reason and there is Divine timing in everything. Trust and have faith. Let the release of your Burdens provide you the energy to continue on and space for more beauty and Joy 🤩 to enter your life. Namaste 🙏


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